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Barbara Forey, Jan Hamling, John Hamling, Alison Thornton, Peter Lee, 2006-2013

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New features introduced in the Finland WEB Edition update: 4 July 2011

Improved display of "summary of adult smoking" in tables and figures

New features improve the display of the "summary of adult smoking".
These features, which are only in the Excel workbook (XLS), are now included in all WEB edition chapters.

New options to plot smoking prevalence over time
See worksheet Fig3-Ext.
The reader can now produce plots of the prevalence of adult smoking (for age 15+), alternative to those displayed as Figure 3.
 A survey source (or group of sources) can be selected, or attention restricted to a particular sex, tobacco product, or smoking frequency.
Several series can be shown simultaneously (each with a different symbol) so that trends within and between surveys can be investigated.
 Note: This feature uses a macro to generate the requested plot, please enable macros when opening the Excel file if you want to use this feature.

New Tables
See worksheets Table4M-Ext,Table4F-Ext, Table6M-Ext and Table6F-Ext.
The estimated prevalences of adult smoking (for age 15+), already given in Table 8, are now also displayed in a new extended version of Table 4.
The "assumed extensions to the age distribution" used in calculating those estimates are also shown in the new Table rather than in the Notes.
The estimated numbers of cigarettes per person per day for age 15+ are also shown in a similar extended version of Table 6, as well as in Table 8.
These additional tables make it easier for the reader to see the source of each adult estimate.


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