International Smoking Statistics
Second Edition

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A Collection of historical data from thirty economically developed countries. Second Edition
Edited by Barbara Forey, Jan Hamling and Peter Lee all of P.N.Lee Statistics and Computing Ltd and Nicholas Wald of the Wolfson Institute of Preventitive Medicine, London.

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Future editions of International Smoking Statistics will be published as a WEB Edition chapter for each country separately.
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SUPPLEMENTS International Smoking Statistics (second edition)

Estimation of sex-specific smoking statistics by standardized age groups and time periods.

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Estimating past smoking habits by an indirect method. An investigation into a method based on recall, with application to Great Britain.

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ERRATA (Updated 14 April 2008)  International Smoking Statistics (second edition)




83 Canada Table 5.1.2 final column ‘All tobacco products tonnes’ contains wrong data. See Table 5.2 p85 ‘All tobacco products, total annual in tonnes’ column for correct data
136-137 Denmark In Table 7.1.1, data shown as “Cigars tonnes” are in fact “Cigars millions”, (i.e. are erroneously the same as the next column). The data for “Cigars tonnes” can be calculated by subtracting the other tonnages from the “All tobacco products” tonnage.
144-145, 148-151, 161 Denmark Source 4, MONICA survey in Glostrup. Only single years of age were sampled, so that data shown as age range 25-34 actually relate to age 30, shown as 35-44 relate to age 40 and so on. This change affects Tables 7.4M, 7.4F, 7.5M, 7.5F, 7.6M and 7.6F, and Notes on p161
163 Denmark Note 16c, second line should read ‘grams/person/day’
163 Denmark Note 19a should read ‘Frederiksberg’
175 Finland Table 8.3, calculation of % Other tobacco 1975-1995 failed to include snuff and chewing tobacco. Should be 1975: 13.1%, 1985: 16.1% & 1995: 22.5%. Fig 8.2 also wrong
235-236 Germany In Table 10.1.3, cigarette papers for 1962 should be 4407 (not 4047). So number of HR cigs in Table 10.2 becomes 3966, also changes Total cigs 87252 (not 86928).
239 Germany Table 10.3, calculation of % cigarettes for 1955 should be 53.5. Fig 10.2 also wrong
267 Germany Note 30a, age range for Volksschule should read: 12-15
300 Hungary Table 12.1.1 Cigarette tobacco tonnes should be Snuff tonnes
306-309, 313 Hungary Sources 6 and 7, MONICA surveys in Budapest and Pecs. In Budapest, data shown as age range 25-34 actually relate to ages 25-26, shown as 35-44 relate to 35-36, and so on. In Pecs, only single years of age were sampled, so that data shown as age range 25-34 actually relate to age 30, shown as 35-44 relate to age 40, and so on. These changes affect Tables 12.4M, 12.4F, 12.5M, 12.5F, 12.6M and 12.6F, and Notes on p161
312 Hungary Notes, Consumption data. Incorrect conversion factor shown
(1000lbs = 450.359 tonnes) should be (1000lbs = 0.45359 tonnes)
323 Iceland

Table 13.3 incorrect, the table values should be:-

1935               43.3            5.6           15.6           35.6
1945               68.7            3.1             8.6           19.6
1955               68.9            6.4             8.2           16.4
1965               62.2           18.2           11.0            8.6
1975               72.0           10.3           14.0            3.7
1985               85.0             7.0             5.5           2.5
1995               87.6             6.7             2.9           2.9

These changes also affect Fig 13.3
380 Italy Figure 16.1(i) (top of page), ‘Total cigarettes’ line should start at 1951, 1950 point is erroneous
408, 425 Japan According to Segi et al (1957), Kizami is fine-cut tobacco for traditional pipe, therefore the assumption that all fine-cut tobacco was used as HR is probably wrong:
Reference: Segi M., Fukushima I., Fujisaku S., Kurihara M., et al (1957). An epidemiological study on cancer in Japan. Jpn J Cancer Res, 48(Suppl), 1-63.
461 New Zealand Table 19.1.2, Cigarettes tonnes (1947-95), calculated using previous (ISS-1) conversion factor (1.13g/cig) should be using revised (ISS-2) factors (0.9g/cig 1974-84) and (0.8g/cig 1985-95) as detailed in notes. These changes also affect Tables 19.2, 19.3  and Figs 19.1 ,19.2
475 New Zealand Note 6b should read: Regular smokers: smokes "just about every day". All smokers: smokes regularly but not every day
677 UK Figure 27.4(i). (top of page) is the wrong graph.  Download updated graph UKIN-F4a.pdf
681 UK Addition to Notes for Sources 11,12: Cigarettes per smoker (Table 27.5) and cigarettes per person (Tables 27.6) data include 11-year-olds, as do sample sizes and response rates given in Notes 11/12a. Prevalence data (Table 27.4) are not affected
700, 701 USA Table 28.4M/F. 1985, source 4 product A should be marked with *, because it includes smokeless tobacco users
779 Appendix I Data for Bulgaria and Canada are in hundreds, not thousands
782 Appendix I Data for USA 1945 are erroneous. Data shown as 1950 refers to 1945, and similarly for later years
802 Appendix V Table A5.1. Final two columns headed ‘Average difference …’; in those numbers shown with two decimal places the final digit is a footnote reference and should be superscripted; numbers shown with no decimals should have ‘.0’